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美东华人户外 North East Chinese Outdoor Group (NECOG)

NECOG (North East Chinese Outdoor Group) 是一个以中国人为主体的在美国东北部的户外活动组织。成员主要以邀请和成员推荐形式加入。主要活动包括漂流,爬山, 滑雪, 以及其他户外运动。 宗旨是组织美国东北部的华人,开展有益身心的活动,增强成员间的友谊,也提供一个交友互助的平台。 

We are a friendly network originated by a group of Chinese outdoor activity fans based in Boston, Massachusetts. We enjoy hiking, kayaking, climbing, skiing and all sorts of outdoors activities. Our common love of outdoor sports brings together members from New Hampshire to New Jersey and beyond. Our volunteer trip initiators propose/offer a variety of trips each year under the Common Adventure Model. Whether you are a novice to the sport or a “hard-core” veteran, we have activities for you.